DIY Butterfly Feeder

This is a fun, easy, "use what you have on hand" kind of project that kids can do with just a little help from you. This butterfly feeder can be as simple, or as decorative as a child wants it to be.


1.You can use a heavy paper plate, or a pie tin for the feeder, and twine, string, or lacing string for the hanger.
2. Ask an adult to help you punch 4 even spaced holes around the edge of the pie tin
3. Measure and cut four pieces of string or twine about 18" long.
4. Insert the string through the holes, and tie a knot big enough on the bottom side so it can't slip through the hole
5. String beads or cut-out flowers on the strings. If you use cut-out decorations, you may need to knot after each one so they stay put
6. Now bring the strings together & tie at the top.
7. Add some cut up ripe fruit and hang- near some flowers is best

Materials ideas

What to feed your butterflies

  • Place pieces of really ripe fruit like bananas
  • peaches or watermelon on a warm day
  • Once the butterflies find your butterfly restaurant, they'll keep visiting-as long as long as you keep putting treats out for them.

A small craft store wreath can use an aluminum pie tin or an upcycled plate,
as a rustic feeder for birds or butterflies. Or, add small stones and fresh water. Birds & Butterflies appreciate water too!