Europa Kids Outdoor Explorer & Bug Catching Kit
Europa Kids Outdoor Explorer & Bug Catching Kit
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Europa Kids Outdoor Explorer & Bug Catching Kit


Kit Includes:
✔ 5 X 30 mm Optical Binoculars
✔ 4 X Magnifing Glass
✔ Hand-Crank Flashlight
✔ Small Net for Butterflies & Critters
✔ Compass
✔ Bug Catching Tongs
✔ Bug Tweezers
✔ Specimen Jar
✔ Watertight Bug /Habitat
✔ Safety Whistle
✔ Scavenger & Bug Hunt Games
✔ Adventure Journal
✔ Outdoor Hat-Cotton Canvas
✔ Lightweight, Waterproof, Backpack




Kids Learn Best by Playing & Exploring

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Encourage kids to be nature detectives. Using their bug catching/observing tools and the magnifying glass they'll begin to see like a scientist and make discoveries.

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A box full of the tools, gadgets & outdoor adventures, to keep young explorers exercising their grit & imagination on new adventures, bug & critter hunts.

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A perfect gift for 3-10 year olds to experience the excitement of outdoor exploring and develop simple competencies for camping, hiking, and the natural sciences.

Outdoor Explorer Kit for Kids-Bug Catching & Adventure Toy-Gift for Boys & Girls age 3-12 with Binoculars-Compass-Magnifying Glass-Bug Catcher Set+Containers-Butterfly Net & Backpack-Camping-Hiking

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